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Red Light Districts Manila

November 18th, 2016 by Manila Nefelim 2015 | Filed under Manila Nightlife.
Red Light District Manila

Red Light District Manila

While most tourists come to Manila to enjoy its history, culture, shopping and food, others visit this city to party and have fun in its vibrant nightlife venues. Manila is indeed one of the top partying destinations in Asia with all kinds of nightlife entertainment to offer. However, just like in any other “party destinations” in the world, there is a dark side of the Manila nightlife, if that’s the proper way to call it. Besides being famous for its parties, Manila is also known for its underground sex trade scene, especially in the red light districts.


Despite the approval of the local authorities, red light districts are still fully functioning, hosting some of the top bars in Manila to facilitating sex trades. In fact, these red light districts have become a distinct attraction for many visitors, locals or foreigners who want to seek beautiful Filipino girls and experience the naughty nightlife in Manila. Many of these tourists even choose to stay in Manila red light district hotels just to get close to the ‘action’.

In these areas, you can find lots of girlie bars and seedy pubs where you can spend your nights with attractive girls that you can take to your hotel for the right price. Red light districts in Manila have pretty much anything you can think of for a naughty nightlife excursion. There are stripper clubs, karaoke bars with pretty hostesses, peep shows, massage parlours, hole-in-the-wall bars, and others.

In Metro Manila, there are three major red light districts you can find; Malate district, P. Burgos in Makati and Ermita. The oldest one is Ermita that’s still standing with all its naughty activities even though there’s an active effort from the local government to “clean it up”. Japanese and Korean KTV and karaoke bars are popular in this area as places where you can find girls that you can take home for a one night stand. The food, drinks and companionship in this area are relatively cheap, and the environment is also more relaxed when compared with the other red light districts.

Red Light District Manila

Red Light District Manila

Makati is another red light district that’s really popular in Manila, especially for those who prefer to look for go-go girls. There are more go-go bars in Makati compared to any other places in Manila, especially if you go to the P.Burgos Street. Makati is also known as the place that has the most good looking girls. However, it’s mostly difficult to tell the difference between freelance girls, go-go girls, girls hired by the bars, or even just regular Filipino visitors just looking to have fun. But as you spend more time in these areas, it will become easier for you to differentiate them.

If gay nightlife is what you’re looking for, then Malate is the place to go. Malate is known as being the center of gay nightlife in Manila. This area is not far from Ermita, in fact all three red light districts are can be said located side by side.


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