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Manila – “The Pearl of the Orient Sea”

May 29th, 2015 by Manila Nefelim 2015 | Filed under Blog, Manila Attractions.

manila attractions

When you visit the capital city of the Philippines, I`m pretty sure you`ll eventually be in-love of what it can offer you to stay long in your vacation, or even try to nestle down for good. There are lots of good places to go and visit in Manila, Philippines. All amenities are very accessible once your plane landed in NAIA Airport, one taxi ride to a seven star hotels in manila, restaurants, recreational activities, malls for shopping, and the best Manila attractions are all out ready waiting for you to visit them.

Philippines was once renowned as the “Pearl of the Orient Sea” in the 16th century derived from the name of King Philip II of Spain, because of its natural beauty like a finest pearl and the magnificence scattered islands surrounding the country. Philippines is a tropical country with more than 7,107 islands surrounded in the archipelago. This country is rich in historical and cultural value since people in the country are known to be very brave in fighting against the Spaniards expedition to invade the whole archipelago. In fact, there are numerous Philippine National Heroes listed in the History of fighting the freedom for all of the Filipino people.

Manila, Philippines is the heart of the Philippine archipelago, situated on the southwest Luzon Island and Manila Bay – an inlet of the South China Sea. The city was named after a white-flowered mangrove plant called the “Nilad” that grows abundantly in the areas. Manila was founded way back year 1571, when the Spanish invaders under the leadership of Miguel López de Legaspi enters in the inlet of Manila bay, destroying the first Islamic tribal settlement and founded the fortress city of Intramuros as its own place. The whole city was once colonized by the Spaniards for approximately 333 years until it was seized by the US troops lead by General Mac Arthur during the time of US President Roosevelt. But the invasion doesn’t just end from the hands of the American rule. In the year 1942 – 1945 Manila, Philippines was colonized by the Japanese people during the World War II. In September 2, 1945 the city was totally free from Japanese colonization.

Now, Manila, the central city of the Philippines is proudly celebrating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain every June 12, since 1898, as the formalized date of independence day presented by President Diosdado Macapagal under Proclamation no. 2695 to commemorate the country`s freedom that was once declared by President Emilio Aguinaldo. Hence, the actual recognition of independence from the United States was on July 4, 1946 through the Treaty of Manila signed by Ambassador Paul V. McNutt as the US representatives and the Philippine President Manuel Roxas. The treaty has an accompanied “provisional agreement concerning friendly relations and diplomatic and consular representation.”

manila attractions
Recently, Manila, Philippines has the best Manila attractions to offer for every new settlers and tourists that are visiting the Nilad city. Starts from the most renowned landmark in Manila, the Luneta Park, where the Philippine National Hero, the most brilliant man on earth, Dr. Jose Rizal `s monument can be found just across the Roxas Boulevard and Manila Bay.

The most historical place is the “Fort Santiago”, part of the famous Intramuros first settlement lead by Rajah Sulayman before the world war. This is the place where the Philippine National Hero spent his last days as a Spanish prisoner before executed. You can see all Rizal`s writings, his room as being held prisoner, his table and pen where he uses to write novels and anecdotes, his attire, and even his lamp shades are all in there being preserve as part of the Philippine History.
If you want to shop in an all in one shopping center, you can go to Manila Mall of Asia, one of the biggest shopping centers in Asia owned by a SM supermalls group. Also, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, is where you can enjoy some theater arts, plays, and concerts.
Of course! Don’t miss out the most favorite place for the kids, if you have, the Manila Ocean Park. Having the most alluring aquatic and marine life for viewing. Don’t forget, when you are tired after a day of roaming around the city, there are many hotels in manila suitable for your convenient stay with a very accommodating and hospitable staffs. Let me give you the 5 hotels that I found the best for you. The Manila Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Hotel H2O beside Manila Ocean Park, Manila Hotel and the Marriot Hotel.

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