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Makati Travel – Manila Nightlife or Another Sextourism Destination?

October 24th, 2015 by Manila Nefelim 2015 | Filed under Blog, Manila Nightlife.
manila nightlife

manila nightlife

Philippines is a perfect destination if you love to enjoy nightlife entertainment during your holiday. This country has a lot of nightlife centers with different atmospheres that will blow your mind.

Manila as the capital of the Philippines is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country that’s known for its awesome nightlife spots. Malate, Roxas Blvd and Manila Bay are some of the most popular areas if you want to enjoy Manila nightlife entertainment. There are so many bars, discos, and restaurants in these locations. You could also find some great bars at Manila hotels all around the city.

Quezon City is another great nightlife destination located in the heart of Metro Manila. This is one of the most populous cities in the Philippines that has emerged to be one of the most popular cities among partygoers.

Boracay Island is also a nightlife center in the country. This place has been so popular worldwide because it offers nightlife experience with a tropical island atmosphere. Almost all of the popular bars and nightlife spots in Boracay are located on the sand at its beautiful beaches.

Then there is Makati, the jewel in the Metro manila, that’s not only the business center of the country, but also the center of all nightlife activities. Makati is a city that has everything, you will find some of the most luxurious Manila hotels, great restaurants, shopping malls, as well as bars, discos, and life entertainment centers.

Thousands of visitors everyday come to Makati just to enjoy its nightlife excitements. Whether local or foreign tourists, as long as they enjoy nightlife activities, they will appreciate what the city has to offer.

But there is always a dark side when a city has become a center of nightlife activities, one of them is sextourism. This is obviously not a part of Makati tourism promotion, at least not officially. In fact, the Philippines’ Government has been trying so hard to remove that image, but the truth is, this is something that’s not always easy to manage.

manila nightlife

manila nightlife

Even though prostitution is considered illegal in the Philippines, but paying for sex is not something that’s impossible here, especially in nightlife activity centers, including in Makati. Sextourism definitely exists in Makati, but it’s hidden in plain sights. Nightlife spots like bars, discos, karaoke bars, escort services, massage parlors are often become the places where you can find prostitute transactions.

It’s actually quite common for bar girls or massagers to offer an “extra service” for some extra money. Philippines is still considered a poor country where many of the people live in poverty, this is probably the reason why there are always young Filipinos who finally become prostitutes as a way to make a living.

But to call Makati as a sextourism destination is actually not very fair, considering this city has lots of other interesting attractions for tourists, including a lot of historical and cultural sites, also don’t forget about those incredible shopping malls that you can find all over the city.

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