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Enjoy Your Nightlife in Manila, Philippines

May 9th, 2015 by Manila Nefelim 2015 | Filed under Manila Nightlife.

manila nightlifeWhen looking for places to go at night after roaming around the “Nilad” city during daytime, well, no worries at all! Your Manila nightlife will still be fulfilled with a variety of exquisite entertainment for you to enjoy your stay in the city. Hence, Manila has been well-renowned for years of having a fine venue for nightlife, the most visited places with the best ambiance suitable for everyone who loves to giggle and enjoy life at night.

Let me give you my choice of the best top 5 bars in Manila to visit, I only want you to enjoy and satisfy your visit in the Capital City of the Philippines, not only the panoramic view, the historical and cultural places that Manila has to offer, but having this compiled best, flourished bars can be an add on too.

  1. The Hard Rock Café

This bar is situated in the enormous city of Makati, Manila. It is a legendary home for burgers in Makati. Are you looking for a reliable, less expensive and a safety bars in Manila with great food, fun and entertainment? Then don’t miss the Hard Rock Café. They have great service for years of satisfying people who love to go out at night to enjoy life. They have a large stage for live band performers, a pool table, a dining area serving excellent food suitable for everyone, and they also have separate bars for smoking and entirely non smoking bars for you if you don’t smoke. They offer the “happy hour” price from 12 noon to 7pm with a 50% off from the original price of their drinks that cost only 42 pesos. Then from 7PM to 10:30PM they have their regular bar price of their drinks which is 82 pesos. From 10:30 onwards the same San Miguel beer will cost 106 pesos. The bar is open daily, in Sunday –Thursday they are open 11AM – 2AM and Friday to Saturday 11AM – 3AM. The live band starts at 10:30 AM and ends 30 minutes before closing time.


Hard Rock Cafe manila

  1. The Le Café Curieux

It is located at the central business city of Makati, with its al fresco dining area surrounded by a variety of plants in the garden. If you are looking for a good ambiance of the place that offers aperitifs, liqueurs, shooters, and cocktails, then you found the Le café Curieux. They likewise served traditional French food at an affordable price. But what made them known is their rhum infusion techniques from French Island of Reunion, off the coast of Madagascar. The cinnamon, banana flavors and pimente are the best to try out for a taste. They are open Mon- Sun at 12:00PM -3:00PM and 5:00PM -2:00AM. Before permitting to inside their premises you are required to pay the entrance fee of about 8.50 euros or 403.78 in Philippine peso. Their cocktail price will starts at 5 euros. You are guaranteed to have the best nightlife with them.

Le Cafe Curieux

  1. The Giraffe bar

When you choose to stay in the Makati Shangri-La hotel, this is the most popular bar accessible for you, located only a few steps outside your hotel’s main entrance. This bar is very eye-catching once you get inside with their modern, best taste, steel theme place. They are open 5PM-4AM Monday –Thursday and 5PM- &AM during Friday & Saturday. They also have offered a happy hour promotion for only PHP 240 unlimited beer drinks during 5PM-9PM only! They are closed during Sunday as meant for a day to go to Church and spend time with the family. Hence, the owner is a pure Filipino and is having a dedicated religious belief.

giraffe bar manila

  1. The Conways bar

When you are staying in Makati Shangri-La and you don’t want to go out at night just to find a reliable bar to enjoy a finest food, fun, and entertainment, well, the Conways bar is just located at the 2nd floor of your occupied hotel. You can enjoy their discounted service offers from 3PM-9PM for only 250pesos either cocktail or beer drinks including San Miguel, Carlsberg, and Budweiser. They also have a live band starts at 9PM to 1AM, with a solo singer from 6PM-9PM that makes your Manila nightlife real worth-experiencing.

conways bar makati

  1. The Curator

Also located at the heart of Makati, Manila that offers a coffee shop by day and bar during night time. They offer excellent drinks with their discreet ambience and knowledgeable staff who mainly knows mixing classic cocktails of your choice. They have a resident mixologist who will offer you these classic cocktails and will guide you through the process of mixing them according to your taste. Though their price is quite costly, but the taste worth the price.

Before I end this article, let me remind you that, wherever you may go, unfortunate event most likely happened, not just in the Philippines. So my advice? Before going out into that bar I stated above or whatever bars you may opt to go in Manila, only bring an exact amount of money with you, and never ever wear your pricey jewelries with you, you will understand what I am talking about when you realized you had just lost them!

the curator makati

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